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Dead Doctors Don't Lie, Here is Why !

Americans Spend 1.8 trillion dollars a year on medical care.
(By comparison the Soviet Union collapsed under a military budget of only $374 billion in US dollars)
The US is number 46 out of the 90 industrialized nations in the world for longevity.
Third world countries without adequate medical care, out live Americans by many years.
1 in 5000 Peruvians, Okinawans, and Tibetans live to see 100 years of age.
Only 1 in 50,000 Americans live to see the age of 100.
The US Accounts for more than 1/3 of the worlds total medical expenditure.
The US loses millions of jobs to foreign countries every year, as a direct result of health care cost.
Over 900 diseases have been eradicated in animals that humans still suffer from.
The last disease cured by a Doctor was Polio in 1955.
(The AMA says it will pull the license of any Doctor that cures any disease.)
Doctors get kick backs from drug companies for writing prescriptions.
There is no law that says that a Doctor has to cure you even if one exists.
Drug companies have lots of money and lobbyists. If a drug kills thousands of people there is an inquiry. If a non-
drug, herb, or supplement makes one person sick, The FDA wants it banned. Why?
Supplements don't have money, lobbyists or give kick backs to Doctors.
(Can you name another profession where you can pay kick backs and not go to jail?)
Curing a patient earns a Doctor a $10 co-pay, treating a patient earns a Doctor tens of thousands of dollars during
the patients life time.
Doctors only live to the age of 56 on average, the shortest life span of any other educated profession. Thats as per
The New England Journal of Medicine. (the average American lives to be 74)
1.5 million people are killed each year by mistakes made by medical professionals. 300 thousand more are killed by
mistakes made by Doctors.
Two million patients a year contract an infection from unsanitary hospital conditions which is usually more serious
than the reason they were admitted in the first place.
Over 90 Thousand of these patients die! $3.5 billion are spent on these iatrogenic (Dr. Caused)  diseases, making
them the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
If only 7% of blacks living in Africa have hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, and over 33% of blacks living in
the US have these diseases. Then how can it be genetic?
October 1999 USA Today reports that 75% of all insurance fraud is perpetrated by Doctors.
Doctors File $50 Billion per Year in False Health Insurance Claims.
Each Person in The U.S. Pays an Extra $300 a Year in Costs to Cover This Crime.
Q: What do you call the person that graduates last in their class from medical School ?

Answer: You call them Doctor !

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What is Youngevity(R)?
Youngevity is a nutraceutical company that promotes good health and well being through vitamins, minerals, sports drinks,
skin care, diet supplements, oils, lotions, and pet products to name just a few of over 250 products. Our products are
unsurpassed in quality and have enhanced the health and quality of life to many of our customers. In many cases actually
reducing the need to treat diseases.

How do I become a customer or an associate?
Click on either the Customer or Associate Application link below and enter all of your information. If signing up as an
Associate, you will be asked for your credit card information, to cover the price of your information kit ($10) which will be
mailed to you, and also for your social security or Federal ID #. This is for tax filing purposes on your income received.
Customer sign-ups will not have to list a social or tax ID #. The cost for Customers to sign-up is $6. We recommend that you
become an associate so you can collect future revenues from your orders.
Very important: you will see a box come up asking if you would like to have your informational kit set up on auto ship.
Click "NO" on that field. We will explain the auto ship program to you later.
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What do I get for the $10 fee?
The $10 fee goes to Youngevity and pays for your Adventure pack which usually includes a catalog, DVD about the
company, membership applications, customer applications, analysis report, compensation plan, sample packs, auto ship
order forms, membership regulations, business profile booklet, and a policies and procedures manual.

What is EF Enterprises going to do for me?
EF Enterprises will train you, provide you with a meeting room. We will help you design your American Youngevity(R) web
page and provide you with networking opportunities and events. We will give you 24-7 support and will train and educate
you and your down-line so you can own and enjoy a successful business.

Is there a cost or inventory investment?
The only fee you are ever required to pay upon sign-up as an Associate is $10. This is a one-time fee. You will receive an
informational kit in the mail, which will supply you with the
Youngevity(R) catalog, price list,sample products, an
informational DVD, and pertinent information.

How much money will I make as an Associate?
That is completely up to you. Because you are working for yourself, you set your own time to invest. We will help you by
providing you with net-working materials, net-working ideas, samples, and unlimited instruction. If you are looking for a
"get rich quick" position, this is not for you. But if you have the time to invest, even a little time, you can build your own
home based business.
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The Youngevity(R) Mission
Youngevity's(R) goal is to help people with their health. Founder, Dr. Joel Wallach has been involved in biomedical research
for over 40 years with an emphasis on nutritional support for the unborn. Dr. Wallach and
Youngevity(R) assembled a team
of Scientific Advisors comprised of experts in their field to further the goal of better worldwide wellness through improved
nutrition and supplementation. We are currently in over 12 countries and have annual sales in excess of $100 million.

If you have not heard the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" tape/cd by Dr. Wallach please click here to order a copy. This is the
actual interview of the twice Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Joel Wallach, explaining his research into the
importance of vitamin and mineral supplements as well as the cause of diseases.

How am I trained?
As Independent Associates for "Youngevity (R)" Products, we will personally train you and provide brochures,
dvd's/videos/cd's/tapes, training sessions, and unlimited consultation. We are not interested in your money, only in helping
educate you in the importance of taking charge of your own health. In turn, you will help those you care about take better
care of their health, and together we will spread this worldwide. You make money in the process by creating a down-line.

Why should I sign up?
Because you have a passion for helping people improve the quality of their lives. Because you feel good about the products
you are endorsing.  Associates also have the financial pay-back bonus that can make them financially free!  Because you are
interested in owning your own home-based business that only costs $10. Because you want your products at wholesale prices.
Because you understand the value of what you have learned about this opportunity.
Why become a Distributor

How do I get paid?
Stairway to Success Plan
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What is auto-ship?
When you sign up as an associate you will see an auto-ship option. Click NO, you will want to sign up for auto-ship later.
Auto-ship is used to automatically send you products that you will be needing every month. We use auto-ship for items that
we know that we will be low on and don't want to have to keep reordering every month. You
are not locked into any
obligation with auto-ship. You can change your auto-ship order every 17 seconds. You can adjust what you want with every
order. Always keep at least one item in your auto-ship order so you are not dropped from the ordering system.

Your 20% quick start bonus is based on first auto-ship orders only. The biggest advantage to auto-ship is that you will
receive your orders with
no shipping or handling charges ever applied.

Do I have to be on auto-ship or have 50 bv to qualify?
Yes, in order to be on the compensation plan you must have a minimum of $50 in BV as an auto-ship order to qualify as an
active associate.

Does this involve "door to door" sales?
Absolutely not! There are many ways you can market these products. We will be happy to share those ideas with you. Word
of mouth is by far the best way these products are marketed, and once you are on the products yourself, you will see how self-
promoting they really are.  If you are able to hand someone a tape or CD and ask them to listen to it,
then you have what it takes to be successful.

What will I be doing?
You will be joining a growing crusade interested in greatly improving health and wellness! As much time as you can invest,
however you feel comfortable in promoting the products, is completely up-to-you. The limits are endless.  Your overall goal
is only to find three people with the same motivation and drive you have. That's all you will need to do. All orders are placed
on the Internet directly; you are never required to make order or service calls. Each customer becomes their own direct
distributor and you get the profit
on each order.

What are the 90 Essential Nutrients?
60 Minerals, 16 Vitamins, 12 Amino Acids, 3 Fatty Acids, (Omegas) (Omega 3 & 6 are essential - 9 is not)

Essential Nutrients
In addition to supplying energy and raw materials for metabolism, a human diet must also supply certain substances in a
pre-assembled form. Nutrients a human requires but cannot make are called 'Essential Nutrients'. Missing just one of these
Essential Nutrients puts the body into a state of being malnourished.

Essential Minerals
As with vitamins, mineral requirements vary. Humans as well as other vertebrates require relatively large quantities of
Calcium and Phosphorus for the construction and maintenance of bone. Calcium is also necessary for the normal
functioning of nerves and muscles and Phosphorus is also a necessary component of ATP and Nucleic Acids.

Vitamins are organic molecules that often serve as co-enzymes or parts of co-enzymes and therefore have catalytic functions.
Vitamins are required in relatively small amounts compared to Amino Acids, Proteins and Essential Fatty Acids but are
absolutely essential in a healthful diet. Deficiencies can cause severe syndromes.

Vitamins are grouped into 2 compounds: Water-Soluble Vitamins and Fat-Soluble Vitamins. Water-Soluble Vitamins include
the B complex, which consists of many compounds that generally function as co-enzymes in key metabolic roles. Vitamins C,
also known as Ascorbic Acid, is another example of a Water-Soluble Vitamin. Ascorbic Acid is required for the production
of connective tissue. Excess Water-Soluble Vitamins are generally excreted with urine and overdoses of plant derived
products are generally thought to be harmless.

The Fat-Soluble Vitamins are A, D, E, and K. Vitamin A is incorporated into visual pigments of the eye. Vitamin D aids in
Calcium absorption and bone formation. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and it seems to play a key role in protecting the
phospholipids in the cell membranes from oxidation. Vitamin K is required in blood clotting. Fat-Soluble Vitamins are
stored in the body so intakes should be monitored more closely.

Essential Amino Acids
There are 20 Amino Acids required to make proteins, some can be created by the body while others cannot be, these are
known as Essential Amino Acids. Eight to nine are essential for humans ( nine for infants). It is important to note that while
eight Amino Acids are considered Essential Amino Acids, all 20 are needed by the human body. When the human body is
deficient in one or more of the Essential Amino Acids the result is a form of malnutrition known as 'Protein Deficiency'.

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential Fatty Acids are lipids that must be in the diet in a prefabricated form and that cannot be created by the body.
These Essential Fatty Acids are required to make some of the phospholipids found in the membranes required by the body in
relatively large amounts compared to Vitamins.

There are many more roles of Vitamins and Minerals in the body and many more nutrients are beneficial than are listed
here. This is just a small sample of the roles of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids.

What is a Chelated?
Chelation is the key to absorbable minerals. In the Chelation process be it either in the lab or in nature itself, a metallic
mineral is "chelated" or combined with an amino acid. The amino acid actually surrounds the metallic mineral like a claw
and thereby helps to solubilize it, making the "mineral chelate" more bioavailable or useful to the body. Chelated minerals
are about 40% more efficient in regards to absorption and assimilation into the body then metallic minerals.

What is a Colloidal Vitamin and Mineral?
A colloidal particle is one that occurs in nature in a colloid state. That is, they are minute particles that either are or can be
easily dispersed in a medium such as water. In that they are made up of such small particles, there is a major increase in
surface area giving them greater exposure to the liquid or solvent they are to be distributed or suspended in. This results in
increased solubility, bioavailability, absorption, and usefulness to the body.

Click here for more information (opens in PDF file)

What is the Truth About Cholesterol?
The best range for your Cholesterol is 220-270.
LDL is the Bad Cholesterol
HDL is the Good Cholesterol
The Ideal Level is 240 HDL and 0 LDL
All Cholesterol is the same, it's what you do that causes it to change from normal types to Bad LDL Cholesterol. Trans fatty
acids from fried foods will cause LDLs to form. The best ratio of good to bad is 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 Good vs Bad. Frying foods,
over cooking meats, or using high temperatures to cook will cause carbon chains to break down into free radicals. It's these
free radicals that cause the cholesterols to divide into LDLs. Remember that Alzheimers did not exist 50 years ago even by
another name. Mylon makes up most of the human brain, Mylon is 100% Cholesterol. Most of your body is made up from
or repaired by cholesterols including the arteries around your heart and in your brain.  Reducing Cholesterol is not the
answer, you must reduce bad cholesterol while keeping the good. This can only be done by changing your eating habits. Not
to lower your total cholesterol but to save the good. This is done by grilling, baking, roasting, and stewing foods. Stay away
from fried foods and free radicals like smoking, drinking, chard animal fats and most oils used in cooking. Supplement your
diet with the 90 essential nutrients each day.

Will I be employed by you?
No, you will be self-employed and enjoy the freedom and tax benefits that go with that.

Do I have to track down customers to get paid?
No, your check comes directly from Youngevity(R) on the 15th of each month.

Do I have to have a computer?
I is easier with a computer but, No, we will show you how to do the business using paper business forms.

What is usable as a mailing address?
You can use your home or business address as well as a P. O. Box with no restrictions on deliveries.

What is Senate Document 264?
Senate Document 264 is the document issued in 1936 that states that all of the soils in the United States are
depleted of minerals.
Senate Document 264

Can you take to much of the Vitamins and Minerals?
No, our vitamins and minerals are known as food grade and are over 90% absorbable.  You could take both products all day
long with no build up of vitamins or minerals in your system. There is no danger of overdosing on our products and except
for occasional diarrhea from over use, there are never any harmful effects.

Could I get stuck with products that customers order then don't want?
No, Youngevity(R) offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Your associates will order products from the web site or from you
(if they don't have a computer) and the products are delivered to their homes.

Is there an age limit to join?
All associates are required to be 18 years of age. A credit card is required to order products online. Associates that don't
have credit cards can pay us with cash or check to join but will need a credit card when ordering their $100 bv to qualify.

Why am I Asked for My Social Security Number?
As a requirement for purchasing products at wholesale prices and the ability of your personal or business volume qualifying
members for rebates and compensation. The IRS requires
Youngevity(R) to have your social security number or tax ID
number on file for tax purposes. Your personal information is kept confidential and is only used for that purpose.

What tax forms will I receive from Youngevity(R)?
You are considered an independent associate which is the same as a contracted employee and you will receive a 1099 tax
form each year. Keep tract of all of your business expenses so you can deduct them. Ask your tax preparer for more
information about itemizing.

What is so special about Plant-derived minerals?
Plant-derived colloidal minerals provide the best of all forms of minerals not only because of the increase in solubility but
also because they are associated with natural plant tissue. This gives them all the advantages of chelated and metallic
minerals so small that they can pass through a cell membrane and be metabolized at an extremely high rate.

The Minerals are Advertised as Plant Derived From Prehistoric Plants. What Does This Mean?
All of our minerals come from plants that were once part of an ancient forest. The forest formed a layer of peat that has
never petrified. The minerals are harvested from an open pit in Utah and extracted by a pure water filtration process
developed by Coors company. The minerals are then bottled by
Youngevity(R) and distributed by you.
Click Here For More Information on the Rockland Mine.

What is a Double Blind Study?
In a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of a medical treatment, some of the participants are given the
treatment, others are given fake treatment (placebo), and neither the researchers nor the participants know which is which
until the study ends (they are thus both “blind”). The assignment of participants to treatment or placebo is done randomly,
perhaps by flipping a coin (hence, “randomized”).

How long will it take me to become successful?
It depends, are you ready to be a Marketing Director?

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